Which is the best car rental agency in Namibia?

If you are visiting Namibia, then most likely you will be renting a car. After all Namibia is the best country in the world to road trip. Beautiful scenery coupled with quality road infrastructure makes it an obvious choice. However, with so many car rental agencies to choose from, both local and international, it is a living nightmare to decide upon one. So where should you rent a car from?

Your natural tendency would be to go with a larger well-known international group, but please allow me to convince you otherwise. I have rented several vehicles in Namibia from different agencies and disappointed I was on more than one occasion. Actually, disappointed is stating it mildly, on occasions I have felt that I was cheated out of my money. That was until I met the friendly folks at Namibia2Go and never again will I rent anywhere else in Namibia.

So why Namibia2Go?

1. The price you see is the price you pay

First and most significant is that the price advertised is the price you pay. As simple as that. There are no hidden costs or extras added when you collect your vehicle. I despise when larger agencies do this. You go through a box ticking exercise to select necessary extras and end up paying nearly double the advertised rate. Not with Namibia2Go, visit their website to see for yourself. I am so confident that I will pay the difference if this is not true.

2.  Free Premium cover with Zero excess payable

If the first point did not blow your mind, then this one definitely will. Free premium cover is included in the advertised rate. There is no need to skimp on insurance and then pray the entire trip that nothing goes wrong. The only condition here is that you are not negligent.

3. Free windscreen and tire cover

If you road trip in Namibia you will guaranteed spend a lot of your time on gravel roads. A consequence of that, because you are not experienced at driving gravel, is a flat or destroyed tire or possibly a damaged windscreen. This is purely accidental and inherent to conditions in Namibia.  International rental agencies require you take out additional tire and windscreen cover because they fail to grasp this. At Namibia2Go these are included in their cover at no extra cost.

4. Unlimited kilometres

Namibia2Go, because they are a local outfit, understand that in Namibia you will be driving long distances so 200km’s a day is just not good enough. Their solution: drive as much as you want at no extra cost. How often have you struggled to reverse incorrectly deducted kilometers from your credit card? This will not happen with Namibia2Go.

5. No need to wash the car before returning it

Most rental agencies in Namibia, especially the international ones require you to wash your rental before you return it. It is absurd; do they not realize that you will be driving gravel roads? Most likely, you will have to return a day earlier to ensure you find a place to wash the car or end up paying an exorbitant fine. It is absurd I say!  No such problem with Namibia2Go.

6. Bonus reason: Free airport transfer or drop off in town

I will be honest this one knocked me of my feet. After dropping my rental and completing the checks, paperwork etc. they asked where they could drop me off. Confused expression on my face… First time ever a rental company dropped me off at my home or your hotel should you prefer so, free of charge, at no cost, as a courtesy… Properly flabbergasted 🙂

If you are wondering if they simply charge more to make up for the extras they include. They most definitely do not; their prices are extremely competitive and better than most in Windhoek. Do not fall prey to the special deals offered by the large international agencies. Once you have ticked all the boxes, you will be paying more.

So there you go. The rental agency to go with in Namibia is Namibia2Go. If this post cannot convince you, nothing will.

❤️Nick fr Namibia


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