Want to travel Africa with me? The official 5410Africa map

Travel Africa with me. Use the official 5410Africa map

Not everyone will get the opportunity to travel to Africa. I am lucky and I know this. But I would like to make my experience as accessible as possible. I want you to travel Africa with me and therefore I created the official 5410Africa map. It will contain the places I visit, routes to get there and information on where I stay. If you are not happy with just following along on a map I also have packages that allows you to join me in the vehicle, anywhere in Africa for a week.

The Plan: All of Africa in 10 years

For those that are new to the 5410Africa brand. I am Nick from Namibia. The African that will travel to all 54* African countries during the next 10 years. That is correct. All of them. My journey starts in my home country Namibia. I have already been to Botswana and by end of February I should be in Zambia.

From there I will travel anti-clockwise until I’ve made my way all around the continent back to Namibia. Then only South Africa with Eswatini and Lesotho will remain with most likely a few of the island states.

Specifically for the trip I acquired a 2000 Toyota Hilux pick up truck. Over the last year I have moulded it into an overlanding vehicle made for my needs and Africa’s challenges. Being from a backpacking background I opted to keep everything modest with only a few luxuries making the cut.

The 5410Africa Map

The map will be updated as frequently as the wifi connection allows 🙂 and obviously for my safety a week or two after I’ve been there.

It includes the towns that I visit, the routes to get there and the accommodation that I used. If you click on the individual accommodation it will direct you to the location on the map and the the pop-up will have a link for their website. From there you are on your own.

Open a full size version in a new tab by clicking on the square in the top right corner. You can also share the map with others via your social media networks. Please feel free to use the map in any way you please, but at least try and mention 5410Africa somewhere. Out of courtesy. No problem if you cant, that is also ok. Wont be hunting down copyright infringers. Not that I own anything, it most likely belongs to Google.

Travel with me through Africa

Travel with me for real

After receiving numerous messages and requests I am working on a paid package that will allow individuals to travel with me. At this point I am looking at allowing one person at a time for about one week. Bear in mind that I travel rather “rough” and you will need to be ok with camping, the outdoors and occasional wild animals waltzing into out campsite.

You will also need to tolerate the hours I spend filming and taking photographs. Most likely you will be asked to hold a camera on more than one occasion. On the upside you will be making guest appearances in the video for that week should you choose to. Currently you can join my patreon which allows for this, or alternatively you can pay a once of US$150 for a week. This covers the fuel we will be using only.

You will still be required to pay for your accommdation, park fees etc and meals will be shared. What do yu need to bring? Only your sleeping bag and backpack.

Nick fr Namibia


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