To new beginnings: Life on the Road

Scenes from the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

The sun is rising over my left shoulder. The air has a strong salty smell. I feel the continuous crash of waves a few feet in front of me. I see a new beginning. My life on the road.

This is my second morning wild camping on the skeleton coast of Namibia. I am overjoyed by the sights, the new experiences, the calm I now possess. How is it that I missed out on this for so long? Cramped for hours on end in a two-bed apartment continuously complaining about bad Wi-Fi signal. Working endless hours at sea to afford said apartment.

My fuel app, yes I still depend on technology, tells me I have done just over 2200km since resigning from my job on 02 January. I left Windhoek heading south for Luderitz, then Sossusvlei via the Sandhof farm with its lilies that only bloom when the rains are sufficient. I spent a few nights in Swakopmund and now I am slow trekking north up the Skeleton Coast. Wild camping wherever I choose to do so.

Wild camping on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

The wreck in the ocean

A few hundred meters into the ocean, waves crashing into it,  lays an unnamed (to me) wreck. It’s found its eternal resting place on this treacherous piece of coastline in north-western Namibia. The graveyard of ships. I find myself staring at it for hours on end. A few weeks ago I was a sailor, a navigation officer, plying my trade on the same cold Atlantic ocean. Like the three red, white and blue pieces of wreck my career also ran aground abruptly.

However, like the wreck in front of me I am not stuck in the same position forever. I do not rely on the currents, swell and winds around me for a push. As my previous career came to an end, I swiftly set course for a new one to begin. This is my ship which embarked on an exciting journey filled with adventure and exploration and I am the Captain. I set the course, I decide where to go and when to do so.  

I am the Captain, I set the course, I decide where to go…

Mixed feelings to my new beginning

There has been a few moments of hesitation and doubt. That is normal. Those emotions will always swell up when life changing decisions are made. Did I overreact? Should I have saved some more money first? Will I be able to do this? What if I fail? I guess a massive realization set over me when I did not receive my monthly salary notification. The technology again.

Like I said I am the Captain now and this is my new beginning. I am extremely happy with my decision. Boiling over with positive emotions. I could not have asked for a better start to this amazing 10-year journey that I have embarked upon.

I have almost tied up all the loose ends. Soon my previous life will truly be in the past, all the goodbyes said and then I will cross into a new country. The doubts? Let them remain, I am sure they serve a purpose. Nevertheless, I will not allow them to alter the course or run my ship aground. This is my new beginning.

Places I stayed in Namibia:

Windhoek (Urban camp)

Helmeringhausen (Mount d’Urbcan campsite)

Lüderitz (Shark Island campsite)

Swakopmund (Tiger reef campsite)

Terrace Bay (NWR resort)

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