This will be my blog, my safe space, my place to clear my mind

During the last year I have changed my mind several times about the content that will appear on Will it be personal? Or a commercial venture that purely provides travel information with the intention of generating income? I have tried both and decided on the former. I have a Youtube channel, Instagram account and Facebook page. It requires a cumbersome amount of time to take the perfect picture, film the exact moment and reply to each and everyone that seeks an answer.

A random road in Namibia

An Alternative to my other social media

This website, now a blog, will provide me with an alternative platform. Yes, it will still be online and available for everyone to see. But it will be different in that I can simply sit down, write a few hundred words and publish. These words will represent how I feel in the moment and reflect upon where I am in the journey. Not always geographically, but in my mind and soul.

Imagine sitting on the ledge of a glorious mountain after a long climb somewhere in Africa. In front of you are hundreds of kilometers of open space with villages, locals and animals scattered in between. The sun is slowly making its way towards the horizon and shadows getting longer. Puffs of dust pop up as the wind playfully travels from one end to the other. It is an amazing sight and I have been blessed to experience many times over. It is in these moments that one needs to pick up the technology and “put a few words to paper”.

Of course, there will still be information. I will tell you where I am, what I have done and how you can do it. However, the essence of will not be commercial. It will be me, my journey mixed with the emotions that form part of it.

Joes Beerhouse, Namibia

The good times and the bad

There will be ups and downs. Good days and bad ones. Ultimately, every emotion will get its opportunity to appear on this blog. I am under no illusion that it will be smooth sailing over the next 10 years. Actually, I expect there to be more rough moments than good ones, but that is the challenge of Africa.

Fortunately for me I have experienced Mother Africa in all her moods. For as the words of African statesman Thabo Mbeki goes “I am an African”. Born and raised.

I hope that you will be part of this journey. That you will enjoy the human side of travel this blog will provide. That you will experience the emotions with me and when I need it be there to encourage me to keep on going.

This will be my blog, not a website and I am happy to share it with you!

Nick fr Namibia


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