The BIG decision… full-time or not? Cape Town?

So eventually reality caught up with me. The plan for my @5410Africa trip was to go full-time in June 2021. This decision was made in March 2020 at the beginning of the Covid outbreak. I guess most of us thought that it will come and go and a year later everything will be back to normal. Boy were we wrong.

A month ago I finally had to make “the decision”. I have a pretty comfortable job, get paid well, only work 6 moths a year and therefore have loads of time to travel. If I am 100% honest it is the first job ever that I actually enjoy doing for a company that I adore. Towards the end of 2020 they also offered me the opportunity to complete some studies in Cape Town, South Africa which would eventually lead to a significant promotion.

The alternative was to carry on with the planning for the trip and in June 2021 resign. For a long time I remained on this course, but the more I resisted the more the world pushed me in the opposite direction. Ultimately, the talk of and now inevitable covid certificates made up my mind for me.

There is no way I would be able to do the trip if countries decide to introduce the covid certification system. I am from Namibia a small African country which only recently received the vaccine and have at this point administered it to less than a 100 people. Regardless of that, I am not a priority or in a vulnerable group and most likely would be expected to develop my own immunity. I have no issue with this. By all means assist those that need it the most, but for travel this is disastrous and ultimately the reason I opted to delay going full-time.

I now find myself in Cape Town a full-time student instead of a full-time traveller. But this does not mean that the trip is off. I will still travel to all 54 Africans countries during the next 10 years. It simply means that I will be doing it part-time for a bit longer.

The plan for this year is to visit some of the island states like the Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius etc which means they are out of the way for when I go full-time overlanding with frank. Actually it will make the trip in the long run a bit easier and like I mentioned earlier I have more than enough time for part-time travel.

At the moment I am finding it a bit hard to get out of South Africa for a trip as many countries have opted to place SA on the blacklist and most airlines stopped flying here, but I remain hopeful and if all goes well I might be blogging from Zanzibar soon. Let’s hope for that.

For now I am exploring SA as much as possible and posting as much content as possible. It will take me a while to adapt back to the 8-5 life, but this to shall pass. One thing I’ve realised during the last year is that if I want to make a success of a 10 year trip in Africa I am going to have to be extremely flexible.

Be safe everyone!

❤️Nick fr Namibia

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