Paragliding from Signal Hill in Cape Town

I’ve wanted to do the tandem paraglide in Cape Town for ages. Finally, on a sunny day in Cape Town I picked up my MacBook, requested a booking and received a confirmation for 17:00 on the same day. Helped by the current 25% off local special I was happy with my decision and eager to get up to Signal Hill where they usually jumped from.

The process is pretty painless. Search Google for one of the many service providers, I went with Cape Town Tandem Paragliding, and use the online form to request a flight. They are all pretty much the same. I received a response pretty quickly and the admin was sorted shortly thereafter.

They sent me a confirmation email which contained quite a bit of useful information including a number which needs to be called 2 hours before your flight to confirm the weather and where you’ll be launching from. There are two places in Cape Town, Signal Hill and Lions Head, both in close proximity of one another. Other information includes clothes, payment options, refunds etc.

Important to note that flight durations can differ significantly from flight to flight. It ranges from anything between 5 – 30 minutes. There will be no refund for a short flight. My flight was about 5 minutes and I still consider it worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong I would have preferred a longer flight.

Once on top there was a quick bit of paperwork, verbal brief by my pilot Jacques and then we went flying. As a tandem passenger you dont need to do much. Follow instructions before the flight, run when asked to run and then sit when asked to sit. There’s a bit to do at the end again, but nothing to fret over.

As you can imagine the views are spectacular from up there. You get to fly over the suburb of Sea Point and then the ocean before finally gliding down onto the green grass lawns of the promenade. After the flight they will ferry you back up to collect your vehicle. All in all, everything is over in less than hour.

Is it worth it? Definitely a 👍👍👍 from me. What I liked most is that this activity can be enjoyed by the entire family, is not time consuming and shows you Cape Town from a very unique angle. Even though the tandem jumps are offered 7 days a week, they are weather dependent. So if you intend to do this one, factor Cape Town’s random weather into your planning.

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