I quit my job to travel Africa full time

It has finally happened. After more than a year of planning and preparations I’ve decided to pull the trigger, quit my job and commit to travel Africa full time. All of Africa, 54 countries in 10 years, hence the name 5410Africa. I am Nick from Namibia and this is going to be the most epic journey of my life.

I quit my job to travel Africa full time

The Plan…

I’ll start in my home country, Namibia, and spend the next 2 months here doing videos about my beloved homeland. It is also my moms birthday on 20 February, so I cant leave before then. From Windhoek I’ll travel down to Luderitz and visit the ghost town of Kolmanskop. Then it is the back routes to Swakopmund, stopping over at Sossusvlei and the Namib Naukluft Park for a swim in the “secret pools”.

From Swakopmund I’ll drive up the Skeleton coast, the final resting place of many ships that attempted our waters. After that I’ll head north and inland all the way up to Epupa falls on the Kunene river, the border with Angola. This is also the homeland of the Himba people whom have resisted modernisation and opted to maintain their nomadic herding lifestyle. I am hoping to convince them to allow me in for four days.

Then it is Oshakati the capital of the North. This is not a tourist destination, but I promise you want to see it. This is as close as Namibia gets to the real Africa. Don’t worry one day I’ll show you what I mean when I say the real Africa. From there it is one final visit to my beloved Etosha National Park, then home, Windhoek and head North-East.

The next 2 months in Namibia

I’ll leave Namibia via the Caprivi strip after stays at Tsumkwe and Khaudum National Park. Tsumkwe is the home of the SAN people in Namibia and like the Himba I am hoping they will allow me to spend a few days with them. Along the Caprivi strip is several beautiful lodges, including Ngepi camp, that I want to visit before leaving Namibia via Katima Mulilo. From there it is Zambia and the rest of Africa.

Why in the world would you want to do this?

It is a challenge… I’ve always been up for one… I remember in high school my friends daring me to ask Michelle McLean, ex-Miss Universe, for a kiss at the Gustav Voigts mall in Windhoek. Yes, I have kissed Miss Universe. Also I hold the Technical High School of Windhoek residence cold shower record. I guess you can see the pattern.

But it is also about promoting Africa. I feel one reaches a point in your life where it is no longer just about yourself, but also what you can do for those around you. In my case this is Africa. There are so many great places and people in Africa and many will never get the opportunity to see or enjoy it. I feel part of this is a complete lack of information and in cases where information exists misinformation. Africa is an amazing continent and someone needs to show this to the world.

I want to show Africa raw and unedited. The places you might have seen, the places you have never seen and the people that make these places amazing.

How will I do it?

For those that are not informed. I will be doing the entire trip with my 2000 Toyota Hilux amicably named “Frank the Tank”. Frank after the explorer Frank that many years ago crossed the Sahara desert in his 4×2 Citroen. The tank because it is Toyota Hilux and the older models are considered to be bulletproof.

My 2000 Toyota Hilux “frank the tank” and I

I’ve rigged Frank up with some serious off the grid wild camping capabilities, but at the same time opted to keep everything extremely basic. Everything I could, was done myself. Should any problems arise at least I’ll know where to start looking. I will eventually do a video and post about my final set up.

How will I finance it?

I have enough cash saved up for about 3 years. That is if I keep costs at the minimum. I am working extremely hard to get the Youtube channel going (please subscribe) which over time should generate some income from ad revenue. Then there is my Patreon which you can join for as little as US$5 per month (please consider joining the community). Then maybe a few other channels of revenue.

I dont want to run a commercial racket where everything I do is dictated by sponsors, selling products and pushing people towards affiliate links. I want to show you Africa my way and unhindered by any outside influence.

In addition, I am hoping that once a level of sustainability is reached that all proceeds beyond that be ploughed back into local African communities. These might not be the biggest projects ever, but their impact on those on the ground will be massive.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have you along for the next 10 years.

Nick fr Namibia


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