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Full time African traveller, blogger, YouTuber & content creator

My first ever trip was to India. It was for work and lasted nearly 9 months. To be honest I did not enjoy it. I was overwhelmed by the culture, the people and the busyness of it all. More than a decade later I’m planning to resign from my job and travel 10 years non-stop to visit every country in Africa….

The idea came to me whilst being stuck offshore as the Covid pandemic arrived in Namibia. I was frustrated by the fact that Ill be missing out on travelling during my time off and in the greater scheme that I had so little control over my own life. I realised that change is needed and naturally I gravitated towards travel…

I purchased a 2000 Toyota Hilux DC 4×4 and is equipping it for overlanding. It will be my home for 10 years as I travel from one African country to the next. Along the way I’ll be documenting my experiences and encounters and sharing it with you. So, follow and share pls.

Nick from Namibia 🙂