My amazing 10 year trip to All of Africa: 5410Africa

I am the guy, Nick from Namibia, that will do a 10 year trip to Africa. I will be travelling to all 54 African countries over a period of 10 years, All of Africa. I’ll be doing this using my Toyota Hilux bakkie (bakkie is our local lingo for a truck/pick up/Ute, pronounced buck-ee) to drive from one country to another, spending about 2-3 months in each.

Currently my plans are in a bit of a limbo, but I am in Cape Town and creating content. I am traveling in and around the area, but hoping to get to Botswana end of June for 5 weeks. Further than that I am not planning for. if there is one thing I’ve learned over the last year, it is to be patient and flexible.

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Why does one do a 10 year trip to Africa?

As a tourist destination Africa is the last truly unexplored frontier. Yes, there are many popular destinations frequented by millions of tourists annually, but in between those are a plethora of other unique destinations with their own story and people to tell it. I want to visit these and share those stories with the world and you.

My aim is to become the foremost expert on African travel, the go to guy, a global household brand. I want to connect, motivate and inspire both those that live in Africa and those that want to visit Africa. It is not for money, likes or shares but the satisfaction that comes from creating opportunities and making a difference.

How will I travel?

My Hilux will become my home for 10 years as I travel from one African country to the next. Mostly, I will camp and do sleepovers wherever I can find friendly hosts. I will become as self-sufficient as possible and at all times attempt to experience the local way of life.

For the few African island states I will either fly or attempt to reach them by boat. Once there I’ll make use of local travel.  

When will you leave?

My intention was to leave mid 2021, however, with the Covid pandemic currently in Africa it is more likely that I will depart full-time mid 2022. As mentioned, I did make my way to Cape Town and in the meantime will keep the trip going part-time. Ultimately, I will travel to all 54 African countries by the end of 2030.

Enjoy your travels and be safe 🙂

❤️Nick from Namibia

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