African penguins at Boulders beach, Cape Town.

Boulders beach, Cape Town is where you’ll get to swim with African penguins. There is no other place on the African continent where this is possible. This makes a visit to the beach a must when you are in Cape Town. Definitely, a Top 10 to do activity in the area.

The beach is fairly easy to access from Cape Town as a self drive, with an Uber, train or as part of one of many organised tours. I opted to self-drive via Chapmans peak drive which made the day out extra special.

Boulders beach is divided into two broad areas. The actual beach, where you’ll get to interact with the penguins and the colony where they breed. The latter is accessed via the main entrance and a boardwalk. Here you’ll have to watch them from a distance. The former is accessed via a separate gate.

A ticket can be purchased at either of the gates, lasts for the entire day and gives access to both areas. Prices are tiered, starting with South Africas, SADC citizens and international tourists (current prices). Kids pay half price of the respected rate.

The African penguin, formerly known as the Jackass penguins, is unique to Africa. They are only found in South Africa and Namibia, and nowhere else on the continent. Boulders beach is one of only two land colonies in Africa. Free SAN Parks brochure (available for download)

This is a wonderful activity for the entire family and with so many other things to do in the area will make a great day out in Cape Town. I highly recommend this to anyone!

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