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I am Nick from Namibia

My first ever trip was to India. It was for work and lasted nearly 9 months. To be honest I did not enjoy it. I was overwhelmed by the culture, the people and the busyness of it all. More than a decade later I’m planning to resign from my job and travel 10 years non-stop to visit every country in Africa….

The idea came to me whilst being stuck offshore as the Covid pandemic arrived in Namibia. I was frustrated by the fact that Ill be missing out on travel and in the greater scheme had so little control over my own life. Change was needed.

I purchased a 2000 Toyota Hilux DC 4×4 and is equipping it for overlanding. It will be my home for 10 years as I travel from one African country to the next. Along the way I’ll be documenting my experiences and encounters whilst at the same time sharing it with you.


Nick from Namibnia