A few pics from Deadvlei, Namibia

A few weeks ago I made a return to one of Namibia’s most beautiful and photographed areas. Deadvlei & Sossusvlei is situated 65km south of Sesriem and I was there to shoot some more footage for my forthcoming YouTube channel . Of course I took the opportunity to take some pictures and as usual the vlei delivered. I am not claiming to be a super photographer, I mean I get by on Instagram and this blog, but in this case it is most certainly the location that should get the credit. Definitely your number 1 stop should you ever be in Namibia.

Deadvlei, Namibia

Getting there

I am not going to go into the details to much. I have a previous post. In short, you can rent a vehicle and very easily drive the 350km from Windhoek to Sesriem. Do you need a 4×4? Not necessarily. A 4×4 will offer a smoother ride and more accessibility, but it is possible in a 4×2 SUV for instance. Remember the last 5km’s to Sossusvlei is 4×4 only and you’ll have to use the NWR shuttle if you don’t have one. Currently it is N$180 return.

Your first view of Deadvlei as you reach the top of the final dune

The hike there

Once you are at the Deadvlei/Sossusvlei car park you’ll need to do a 1.1km hike to get to the actual vlei. It is an easy hike and can be done by everyone. Best to do it early in the morning and take some water. There is a sign that indicates the starting point, but from there the markers are missing.

Big Daddy is the highest dune you see middle left. Deadvlei is in the lower area to the right of those higher dunes.

The easiest way to find Deadvlei is to stand in front of the sign and look over it. In the distance you’ll see a very high dune, that is big daddy. Deadvlei is in the lower area to the right of those high dunes. There should be no need for you to climb over any high dunes to get there.

Deadvlei, Namibia

Enjoy Deadvlei

All that remains is for you to enjoy Deadvlei. It truly is a magnificent sight made even more special if you can be there all by yourself. This is one advantage of the current corona situation we find ourselves in. Bask in its glory, take your pictures and hike around.

Deadvlei, Namibia

Other activities

While you are there you can also hike big daddy. It is easy to identify from Deadvlei. You can also from the carpark drive a bit further to Sossusvlei. They have some amazing picnic spots where you can unpack and enjoy coffee or a light lunch.

❤️Nick fr Namibia

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