@5410Africa Travel Update #16

Its been a while, but the good and big news is that I’m travelling again and today is the launch of my YouTube channel. The more frustrating news is that during this time I’ve been struggling with a big decision I have to make. Under the current global conditions do I stay at my current job for the next 3 years and carry on with the trip part-time or do I go full-time in June 2021 as initially planned…

What is 5410 Africa?

For all the new followers and first-time readers. I will be travelling to all 54 countries in Africa over a period of 10 years, hence the name 5410 Africa. That is all of Africa in 10 years. Pretty exciting stuff. To do this I have acquired a 2000 Toyota Hilux truck/pick-up which I will use as an overland vehicle and for the few island nations around the continent I shall be flying. I want to spend a proper 8 weeks in each country to truly get to know its people and workings and then pass this on to my readers and followers. I am from Namibia and this is where I am currently preparing for this massive endeavour. 

Travel Plans 

I’ve just arrived in the North-West of Namibia, at Palmwag to be precise, and will be heading through Damara and Kaokoland on my way to the Epupa falls on the border between Namibia and Angola. From there I’ll head West along the river to Ruacana to see the falls and then South through the traditional territory called Ovamboland. 

Ovamboland is not a popular tourist destination in Namibia, but the area is quite unique when compared to the rest of Namibia and there is definitely a story tell. My family and I lived in the area when I were younger so it would be nice to revisit some of the places. 

From here it should be a 7-day trip ending up at Etosha which is to the South of Ovamboland. I’ll be doing a bit more camping on this trip as I further prepare for the bigger 5410Africa trip and breakaway from NWR accommodation to show a bit more of what the Gondwana collection has to offer. 

Launching YouTube & Other Social Media

This has been long in the making. I’ve been collecting footage throughout the more touristy parts of Namibia and enlisted the help of a friend, Nico Gericke, to edit and produce this into watchable YouTube videos. All is not perfect, we are aware of this, it is a steep learning curve and a massive challenge for two aspiring content creators from Namibia. Challenge accepted! 

My other social media platforms have been performing well. I’ve seen considerable growth on my Instagram account and likewise on Twitter and 5410Africa.com. I am truly humbled by all the support. It is extremely challenging to maintain all of these platforms, but so far so good 

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your travels and be safe!

Nick from Namibia @5410Africa

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