10 fav pics from my Etosha trip

A few of my favorite pics from my most recent 6 night stay at Etosha National Park in Namibia. For more pics and fun you can follow me on Instagram @5410Africa

the four amigo’s (zebras)
why always me? (giraffe)
three legged oryx
dancing ostrich
the ugly ones (gnu)
hot and dusty (old bull elephant)
i lost my friends (springbok)
there’s something behind me, right? (ostrich)
life is good (elephant)
hello dear (springbok)

Hope you enjoyed. Happy holidays, enjoy your travels and be safe!!!

Nick fr Namibia 🙂


  1. I cannot believe I am seeing this post to-day!! I loved! Thank you for making me laugh! The photos are fantastic! Congrats on your future Africa trip! I am so proud of you! I said so many things, right? Anyway, I miss you, Nick 🙂

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    • Hi, what a nice surprise😁to hear from you. Been trying to follow on your blog, how are you, where are you??? Thnx, I am hoping I can do the trip with all the covid, but so far yes. You can always join me???


  2. Hahaha! I certainty would love to go back to Africa. Maybe make the other 40 countries I missed… But Loki knows what the future is saving for me. I will let you know though =P
    Email me!! So we can talk better 🙂


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