@5410Africa Weekly Travel Update #14: Out of the Apartment and onto #NomadLife

I am on land and I’m travelling, but that’s not the attention grabbing headline. The big news is that I’ve finally moved out of my apartment and now living out of my Toyota Hilux as I travel around the continent. Exciting stuff! For now it is Namibia. In the last week I’ve revisited Sossusvlei and yesterday evening I arrived in Swakopmund for a 3 days stay.

What is 5410Africa?

For those that stumbled upon my blog for the first time I am the guy from Namibia that intends to travel to every country in Africa (54) over the next 10 years (hence the name 5410Africa) using my trusted Toyota Hilux named Frank.

Currently the plan is to depart end of June 2021. From now until then I’ll be travelling locally and updating my social media with content from Namibia. I’ve recently gone full nomad, but I will remain with my current job until then. I work offshore on a 5 week on/off rotation which allows a lot of time to travel.

If borders are open and travel allowed by the beginning of 2021. I’ll be doing two 5 week trips to Botswana before going full time end of June 2021. Part of my current travel plans is to prepare myslef, the hilux and my social media platforms for long term travel.

The big move & going full Nomad

After several days of relentless sorting and packing I was finally ready to move out on my apartment. The move happened on 25 November with the assistance of a friendly local moving company. Within a few hours the little amount of belongins I own was on a small truck and on its way to container world in Windhoek.

Fortunately, their premises are situated across the road from me so a short drive later we arrived. The unloading went even faster and soon I closed the doors of the big blue container and locked it. A swift realisation fell upon me, this is it, a small step towards becoming a full time traveller.

I spent two more nights in my apartment sleeping on my camping stretcher and then it was time to officially move out and hand the keys back to the landlord. The entire experience was not as dramatic as one would imagine. I can compare it to a big birthday, a lot of anticipation, then the day arrives and the next day nothing actually feels different. But you are according to the official records a year older.

Travel Plans

As mentioned I spent a few days in Sossusvlei. Frank and I drove down from Windhoek spending one night en route at Namibgrens (I’ll do a post). Then 2 nights camping at the NWR Sesriem campsite and one at the NWR Sossus Dune Lodge (I’ll do a post). The highlight of this trip was climbing big daddy, the highest dune in the area, and because you find the highest sand dunes in the world at Sossusvlei, potentially the highest one in the world. This place never disappoints and if you haven’t heard me say this before it should be No 1 on your to do list if you are visiting Namibia.

I arrived in Swakopmund, Namibia’s favorite coastal destination, Monday evening after a scenic and adventoruous drive via the C14 gravel road from Solitiare to Walvis Bay. Amazingly beautiful with ever changing landscapes as you move from inland to the coast. Worth it if you have a 4×4 and time. I’ll spend a few day here, before heading back to Spitzkoppe and Etosha.

The reason for all this is to get more footage for my YouTube channel which we’ll hopefully launch in December. Recently, Nico joined me as editor and producer for the channel and after a long discussion we felt that the content I have was not sufficient. Not that I mind revisiting these places, they are after all the best Namibia has to offer.

Frank, my 2000 Toyota Hilux

Frank was due for his 250 000 km service and all went well. No major new concerns were detected and I am delighted that they managed to repair the rear diff locker. It ended up being a minor issue with the vacuum switch. They did flag the radiator as a potential future issue, so I’ll have to replace that sooner rather than later.

I added a few more extras as the build and preparation for the trip continues. A budget awning was fitted. Already tested on a day trip out fishing and I am happy. A small and basic drawer system by frontrunner was fitted as well as their 40lt footwell water tank. Both significant additions to the vehicle.

In addition I added the 2nd battery which allows me to run a fridge and lights in the back and charge my video and camera gear. Crucial for off the grid living. I removed the back seat and fitted a 42lt snowmaster camping fridge to keep food and drinks preserved for longer. The back seat area can now also serve as an emergecny sleeping area during bad weather by moving the fridge to the back. All and all I am extremely happy with the progress.

Social Media

Except for this blog on 5410Africa.com I am also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All of it on the @5410Africa handle. The best place to view pics of my adventures is Instagram and the Youtube channel lauching in December will add video content. I’ve seen some good growth on all platforms and I am always grateful for all the support.

That’s it for now. The sun seems to be breaking through and there might be some opportunity to shoot some video.

Enjoy & be safe!!!

Nick fr Namibia @5410Africa

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