New Park Fees in Namibia and the Current NWR Domestic Rates

Etosha’s Anderson Gate, courtesy the Namibian

A few months ago, the Namibian government announced a conservation fee which will be charged on top of the current park fees. This will commence on 01 January 2021. In addition, the Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) are currently running domestic rates to boost local tourism in attempt to mitigate the devastating effects of the current COVID pandemic. These domestic rates will run until 30 June 2021. This means that my previous post on “How much does it cost to visit a National Park in Namibia” is no longer accurate and therefore a quick update.

The New Park Fees which includes the Conservation Fee

The calculation of park fees in Namibia is an overcomplicated system. Its based on three tiers for Namibians, members of SADC countries and intentional tourists. To complicate the matter even further  it is divided into children and an additional fee is charged per vehicle. I recommend you read my previous post on “How much it costs to visit a national park in Namibia” for a full explanation. Here I will only discuss the increases. Most important to note is that these fees are calculated per day for each visitor and vehicles and is paid separately from accommodation.

Even with this increase Namibia still has the most affordable national parks on the continent.

NWR Domestic Rates

There other big change, for locals and members of SADC countries,  are the introduction of domestic rates by NWR until 30 June 2021.

Please note that these rates are only available to NWR card holders. I’ll do a post this week on how to get the card. For full terms & conditions visit the NWR website.

Hope this quick update helps your planning when coming to Namibia.

Enjoy your travels and be safe!

Nick fr Namibia @5410Africa

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