@5410Africa Weekly Travel Update #13: Going Nomad, moving to Cape Town & my travel plans

This is the first update I’ve done in a while. Simply because I’ve been at sea, where I work, and did not see the practicality in telling you every week that I’m still at sea. You get my drift?  But I’m one week away from getting off, Corona depending, and that means I should be travelling soon. Also in the last month my company has announced a rapid restructuring plan and then more recently offered me the opportunity to move and work in Cape Town next year. So yeah let’s discuss all of that and see how we’ll make it all work alongside the @5410Africa trip.

What is 5410Africa?

If you are here for the first time… I will be travelling to all 54 African countries over a period of 10 years. It will be done with my Toyota Hilux bakkie (bakkie is our local lingo for a truck/pick up or Ute as they are called Aus land, pronounced buck-ee) driving from one country to the next, spending about 2 months in each.

Currently the plan is to depart end of June 2021. From now until then I’ll be travelling locally and updating my social media with content from Namibia. I will remain with my current job until then. I work offshore on a 5 week on/off rotation which allows a lot of time to travel. If borders are open and travel allowed by the beginning of 2021. I’ll be doing two 5 week trips to Botswana before going full time end of June 2021.

Going Nomad

At the beginning of this month I informed my current landlord that I will not be renewing the current lease agreement for my apartment in Windhoek.  That’s right I’ll be giving up my “home” and living fulltime from my Toyota Hilux truck. Well not fulltime, I’ll still be spending 5 out of every 10 weeks working at sea, but the remainder of that will be nomad #nomadlife.

It’s pretty exciting stuff. I’ve never done this before and I am looking forward to the experience and challenge of it all. The rationale behind this is of course to prepare my Hilux and me for the 10 year trip we’ll be doing through Africa. Now if I’m not 100% happy with something it’s easy to leg it to the nearest shop and have it sorted, a luxury that will not be available to me everywhere in Africa.

The possible move to Cape Town

A while ago my company announced their rapid restructuring plan. It was a big shock to everyone here, but sort of expected with what’s happening in the world and the current economic downturn. I made peace with the idea and even considered volunteering and moving my departure date forward to spend more time travelling Namibia. And then out of the blue I was afforded the opportunity to move and work in Cape Town next year.

So it’s obvious I will not be retrenched, but this throws a spanner or two into my works. Everything was planned out well, even with retrenchment and now this. It’s a hell of an offer and who doesn’t love Cape Town? I know I will for sure be getting a place in one of the better neighborhoods, last time it was Greenpoint, and be able to do and see a lot there. So this is where I am at the moment. Trying to figure out a way of keeping the trip going and moving to Cape Town.

Maybe I can do some travelling during the weekends in and around the mother city. Possibly once a month fly to other places in SA like Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban etc. Then take three periods of leave during the year and do Lesotho, Swaziland and maybe Mauritius. That’s still quite a bit of Africa in my first year… The ultimate goal still remains to go full time, but in the current global conditions both corona and economically, it might be wiser to hold on a little longer.

Travel Plans

Finally we get to the travel plans. Don’t know if I’ve informed all of you, but recently I managed to convince Nico Gericke to join the 5410Africa team as a producer/editor for the YouTube channel. So far he has been able to produce some amazing content including the brand spanking new logo at the top of this blog post. Pretty awesome stuff!!!

Together we decided it would be best if I redo the Sossusvlei, Etosha and Swakopmund parts of my trip to improve the quality of footage we have to create our videos. So that is the plan for my 3 weeks off. Revisit all of these amazing locations in Namibia and a few more. There will be photos and live updates on Instagram and Twitter, so look out for those.

Launching YouTube & other social media

The time has finally come, the moment has arrived. The @5410Africa YouTube channel will be launched in December. The first content will of course be on Namibia and I’m hoping our content will be both informative and entertaining. From the onset we’ve decided that the intention is to have fun and everything on our channel will be truthful, tasteful. Also we will never sell our souls for likes or money. Hopefully, we can remain true to these values and create some content that will be well received by yourself and the rest of the world. Baby steps for now, but still steps in the right direction.

On the other fronts I’ve seen some positive growth on all my social platforms including Twitter, Instagram and my blog 5410Africa.com. As always much appreciated. Usually it’s very difficult to maintain momentum at sea cause of the long hours I work and little time to spend online, but this trip has been one of the better ones. I mean for my social media platforms, not work. Work has been hell J I’m also fiddling with the idea of doing a TikTok account, just need to figure out what the niche will be, maybe me just doing crazy stupid things whilst travelling Africa…

Thanks for reading and if you’re travelling enjoy and be safe 🙂

Nick fr Namibia @5410Africa

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