@5410Africa Weekly Travel Update #10: I’m actually travelling

This is the first update in a while where I’m actually on the road. After an initial 3-day delay caused by the economic aftereffects of the Covid pandemic I managed to pack the car, leave Windhoek and hit the road North to Hochfeld where my parents live. This morning I’ll leave this tiny farming village and travel to the Spitzkoppe to spend a night at the Spitzkoppe Moutain camp. I’m pretty excited. They have some amazing rock climbing, San rock paintings and is a perfect location to odo a sunset time lapse. I hope to share some great content.

The Spitzkoppe Mountain Camp (Photo: Afristay.com)

After that I’ll take the road west to Namibia’s favorite coastal destination Swakopmund. The town with its strong German influence is located perfectly on the edge of the Namib desert and Atlantic Ocean. The place where the ocean meets the desert as its more commonly referred to. I’ll visit some friends, do some activties and do a video of my 5 favorite things to do when there. So look out for that.

After that the real fun starts. Ill head North into the Skeleton Coast National Park to spend a night at the luxurious Shipwreck lodge before driving along the coast all the way to the Kunene river lodge. The place where Namibia meets Angola. It’s a great location to camp, do some fishing and take a swim. Im looking forward to the tranquillity of it all.

I’ll do my best to share as much as possible. I know that visiting the Skeleton coast is high on the list of priorities for many tourists coming to Namibia. I’ll also try and utilise this unique setting to capture some video and take photos of the improvements I’ve made to the Hilux.

Travel plans

My itinerary:

21,22 Sept: Travel to Hochfeld, visit my parents for 2 days

Today: Spend a night at Spitzkoppe Mountain Camp

24,25 Sept: 2 nights in Swakopmund. Visiting friends, maybe some quad biking and off roading in the Namib desert.

26 Sept: Head north into  the Skeleton coast park, spend the night at the luxurious Shipwreck Lodge

27,28 Sept: Drive all the way to the Kunene river mouth, camp and fish for 2 nights

29 Sept: Return South and spend the night at NWR Terrace Bay

30 Sept: Return to WHK

The Car

It is great to behind the wheel of the Hilux again. I completed a few hundred kilometres, including some on gravel, she is handling all the mods very well. Im ecstatic in how everything came together and only a few smaller pieces of the puzzle missing.

  • Bumper & winch (for safety) √
  • Upgrade lights (safety, the old lights are not good enough) √
  • Canopy (more and secure cargo storage) √
  • Fitted awning (provide shade when there are no trees around ie the desert)
  • Drawer system (better and more organized storage in the back)
  • Dual battery system with solar charging (supply electricity off the grid locations)
  • Shock absorbers (old ones not good enough and provide more support to original suspension)
  • Tires (but only once the current tires are worn)
  • Compressor (to enable me to control my tire pressures) √
  • An array of recovery gear (get myself out when I inevitably get stuck) √
  • Camping (ground tent, table and chair etc) √

Social Media

Many new followers, slow and steady progress, thanks everyone!!!

Remember I’ll be launching YouTube, super excited and cant wait.

  • Twitter @5410Africa 250k (current: 952)
  • Instagram @5410Africa 100k (current: 121)
  • WordPress (5410africa.com) 1k (current: 41)
  • YouTube (first videos in Sept/Oct) 100k

That’s all folks! Please connect, enjoy your travels and stay safe 🙂

Nick from Namibia @5410Africa


    • Hi Natalie, sorry for my late reply, Ive been in some off the gird locations the last few weeks. But yes it was amamzing, thanks 🙂 I’ll be posting all the places I visited very soon!


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