@5410Africa Weekly Travel Update #8

I’m heading home tomorrow after 10 days in quarantine and 5 long weeks at sea. It is one of the best feelings waking up in the morning knowing that your day has arrived. Out here you earn that right. Even better news is that I will be able to action some of the plans I’ve been conjuring up over the last few weeks.

Windhoek will still be in lockdown and the country under curfew when I arrive there, but hopefully all of that changes on Saturday. If that indeed happens I have another even better plan than the original one which was to travel to the North-West regions of Namibia. Well, not better, just more feasible seeing as I will now have less time to spend travelling.

Usually when individuals come to Namibia they have about 12-14 days in the country. It’s not easy to know or decide what to see and which places to skip. Seeing as I will have about the same amount of time off, if the lockdown is lifted, I thought it would be an amazing idea to come up with the perfect 14 day itinerary and then actually drive it. Not only will I write a few posts about it, but it will also become my first few videos for Youtube. “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”.

So that will be Plan C and I am quite excited about. Now all I need to hope for is that our relieving crew all test negative and the weather is good so that those mechanical birds can come and fetch us.

What is 5410Africa?

For those that still don’t know I’ll spend 10 years travelling to all 54 countries in Africa. This will be done with my recently purchased Toyota Hilux truck (see The Toyota that will take me to all of Africa) driving from one country to the next. I’ll start from my home country Namibia, then Botswana, Zambia, onwards working my way around the continent in an anti-clockwise direction. The trip is currently in the planning phases and if Covid allows I’ll get going in 2021.

Travel planning

Everything will depend on the government’s decision on Saturday. Will they lift the lockdown? Will they allow us to travel? It only makes sense as our International airport (see 10 frequently asked questions: Windhoek International Airport) was opened on 01 September and international tourists via air are now welcome.

I’ll utilize the time until Saturday to do some work to the Hilux and hopefully on Sunday I’ll hit the road. The 14 day itinerary will include a visit to Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and Etosha, with a few stops at various locations along the way. I’ll post weekly updates as usual.

If for whichever reason the lockdown is not lifted, it will be Plan B. Just to recap, Plan B involves doing major work to the Hilux including the fitment of the replacement bumper in Windhoek. The alu canopy is being fabricated in Swakopmund and will be couriered to be fitted. I will build and install a drawer system myself and have the lights and sound done. Also I’ll have the rims refurbished and painted black and at the same time have the roof rack and sidesteps resprayed.

The Car

The Hilux is safely at home awaiting my return. Of course, no work was done since I left, but it’s a big week ahead. The wish list remains the same:

  • Bumper & winch (for safety)
  • Upgrade lights (safety, the old lights are not good enough)
  • Canopy (more and secure cargo storage)
  • Fitted awning (provide shade when there are no trees around ie the desert)
  • Drawer system (better and more organized storage in the back)
  • Dual battery system with solar charging (supply electricity off the grid locations)
  • Shock absorbers (old ones not good enough and provide more support to original suspension)
  • Tires (but only once the current tires are worn)
  • Compressor (to enable me to control my tire pressures)
  • An array of recovery gear (get myself out when I inevitably get stuck)
  • Camping (fit a rooftop tent)

Equipment and Others

Not too much to update. The Canon 400mm L lens and a few Gopro accessories are on its way from South Africa.  The rest of the wish list remains pretty much the same.

  • Canon full frame camera
  • 70-200mm & 400mm L series lens
  • GoPro Hero 8 with accessories
  • Laptop to run editing software
  • DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone* (some African countries do not allow drones…)

All of this is in addition to what I already have.

 Social Media

Grateful to all the new followers!!! This week was my birthday as well and I received some awesome messages from my online friends. Much appreciated 🙂

Last week I complained about my socials taking a nosedive and surprisingly this week it went the opposite direction. I was losing a bit of the energy, mostly because of fatigue from work, but this was a welcome boost. It’s kinda weird that an online community can have such an influence, but as long as it’s positive I’ll take it!

In this week’s blog post I’ll do 10 FAQ’s about renting a car in Namibia and I’ll tell you about the NWR loyalty card that enable massive savings whilst travelling in Namibia.

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  • Instagram @5410Africa 100k (current: 101)
  • WordPress http://www.5410africa.com 1k (current: 37)
  • YouTube (first videos in Sept/Oct) 100k

That’s all folks! Please connect, enjoy your travels and stay safe 🙂

Nick from Namibia @5410Africa

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