@5410Africa Weekly Travel Update #7

Another week done at sea and only one more to go before I head home. At this point fatigue is starting to set in from working 12 hours a day non-stop. We don’t have weekends, public or bank holidays out here. Every day is Monday🙂 The bad news is that the lockdown in Namibia has been extended to 12 Sept for the Khomas region. That is the region in which Windhoek is situated and I live.

I guess it is Plan B for me then. If you haven’t been following, this is the plan where I stay home and continue building the Toyota Hilux to get it ready for the @5410Africa trip. So the time will not be wasted, but I would very much have preferred to be travelling and sharing Namibia with you.

What is 5410Africa?

For those that still don’t know I’ll spend 10 years travelling to all 54 countries in Africa. This will be done with my recently purchased Toyota Hilux truck (see The Toyota that will take me to all of Africa) driving from one country to the next. I’ll start from my home country Namibia, then Botswana, Zambia, onwards working my way around the continent in an anti-clockwise direction.

Travel planning

I guess the decision has been made for me. There will be little or no travel during my time off. Bummer! Hopefully, and this is a long shot, the lockdown will be lifted on 12 Sept and I can at least do 1 or 2 short trips, but I’m doubtful. Cases are still spreading at an alarming rate in Windhoek and people can be bothered… So it will be Plan B, working on the vehicle.

Just to recap, Plan B involves fitting the replacement bumper in Windhoek. The alu canopy is being fabricated in Swakopmund and will be couriered to be fitted. I will build and install a drawer system myself and have the lights and sound done. Also I’ll have the rims refurbished and painted black and at the same time have the roof rack and sidesteps resprayed. Quite a bit of work out of the way much earlier than anticipated.

The Car

The Hilux is safely at home awaiting my return and no work has been done since I left. The wish list remains the same:

  • Bumper & winch (for safety)
  • Upgrade lights (safety, the old lights are not good enough)
  • Canopy (more and secure cargo storage)
  • Fitted awning (provide shade when there are no trees around ie the desert)
  • Drawer system (better and more organized storage in the back)
  • Dual battery system with solar charging (supply electricity off the grid locations)
  • Shock absorbers (old ones not good enough and provide more support to original suspension)
  • Tires (but only once the current tires are worn)
  • Compressor (to enable me to control my tire pressures)
  • An array of recovery gear (get myself out when I inevitably get stuck)
  • Camping (tent, table, chairs etc, to enable me to live on the road)

Equipment and Others

No new equipment received, but I found a used Canon 400mm L Lens at a good price from a reliable retailer in South Africa. That should arriving soon along with some GoPro accessories. The wish list remains more or less the same:

  • Canon full frame camera
  • 70-200mm & 400mm L series lens
  • GoPro Hero 8 with accessories
  • Laptop to run editing software
  • DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone* (some African countries do not allow drones…)

All of this is in addition to what I already have.

 Social Media

As always I am grateful to all the new followers, but my social media has suffered this week. As the fatigue sets in from consecutive long days of work I am spending more of my free time sleeping and less on social media. I’ll be heading home soon and hopefully things will pick up again soon.

This weeks blog post I’ll share one of my favorite travel tips: How to avoid those deceiving online hotel photos. You know the ones that get you to book a hotel, only to be disappointed upon arrival.

Ultimate Targets:

  • Twitter @5410Africa 250k
  • Instagram @5410Africa 100k
  • WordPress www.5410africa.com 1k
  • YouTube (first videos in Sept/Oct) 100k

Have an amazing week everyone, and if you are travelling BE SAFE!!!

Nick from Namibia


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