@5410Africa Weekly Travel Update #4

Current country: Namibia (1 of 54)

Another week, another update. The countdown app on my phone says I have 316 days of work left until I become a full time traveler and commit everything I have to the @5410Africa trip. It’s exciting and I cannot wait, but until then the planning continues.

What is @5410Africa?

If you are here for the first time… I will be travelling to all 54 African countries over a period of 10 years. It will be done with my Toyota Hilux bakkie (bakkie is our local lingo for a truck/pick up or Ute in Australia, pronounced buck-ee) driving from one country to the next, spending about 2-3 months in each.

Currently the plan is to depart end of June 2021. From now until then I’ll be travelling locally and updating my social media with content from Namibia. I will remain with my current job until then. I work offshore on a 5 week on/off rotation which allows a lot of time to travel. If borders are open and travel allowed by the beginning of 2021. I’ll be doing two 5 week trips to Botswana before going full time end of June 2021.

Current travel

This week my quarantine ended and after quite a painful Covid-19 test (imagine drinking a shot of tequila through your nose) I headed back to sea. At least I got to board a plane albeit for work. So unfortunately no exciting travel updates for now.

I am planning to do a trip to North Western Namibia which should be exciting. This includes a visit to our Himba tribes and Epupa falls, not sure if you are familiar with these??? I am scheduled to leave my ship on 8 Sept, so this trip will happen shortly thereafter. But I’ll provide more info during the next few weeks.

My Vehicle “Luxie”

Luxie is parked safely at home patiently waiting for my return. As mentioned I’ve ordered a replacement bumper and drawers that will be fitted in the back as soon as I’m home. I am still making a decision whether I should fit a canopy and rooftop tent or go with a ground tent setup. Actually this decision was made, but I have since made a u-turn. I’m trying to keep the weight to a minimum which would mean less stress on the vehicle and better fuel consumption, but on the other hand I would like to be as comfortable as possible. Will have to wait and see…

Equipment and Others

At this point not much has changed. Spending copious amounts of time looking for the best camping equipment at the best possible price. Also running through different vehicle setups to try and see which would give me most bang for my buck. Its a fine balancing act between cost and comfort. Same goes for camera and video equipment. Maybe I should just wait for black Friday and buy everything then.

I’ll do a list of all the equipment I currently have and still need to get before the trip for next weeks update.

Social Media

Thanks to all the new followers. Remember I am on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook @5410Africa. I also have this blog and I’ll be starting my YouTube channel in Sept/Oct when doing my next trip.

My Twitter has grown to 748 followers during the last week. I am super happy with that. I’ll be hitting 1k very soon, that was my initial target for when I leave in June 2021. (Ultimate goal: 250k).

Another week of growth on Instagram albeit slowly. Unfortunately I have no access to IG whilst at sea, so I don’t foresee a lot of growth over the next few weeks, but there is a lot of potential after I’m back in Namibia and traveling again. I currently have 88 followers. (Ultimate goal: 100k).

I’ll be doing my first YouTube videos during the next trip. Super excited!!! Hopefully everyone will enjoy that. (Ultimate goal: 100k).

Gained only one follower this week on my WordPress blog. So that makes it 24. I’ll be adding a third post per week on Fridays. I am not concerned about my blog at this time. Currently I am working on my consistency and improving quality. Later when I travel full time and tourists are retruning to Namibia and Africa I should see some real growth. This weeks post will be on the best company to rent a 4×4 from in Namibia as well as a few travel tips on Friday. (Ultimate goal: 1k).

Oh yes and I’m on Facebook, but I haven’t announced that yet.

Have a great week and be safe!!!

Nick from Namibia.

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