@5410Africa Weekly Travel Update #3

Travel update #3 from Namibia

Current country: Namibia (1 of 54)

My third update and so far so good, I havent missed one. I’ll be doing these every Monday just to keep everyone in the loop and get to know each other a bit better. I’ve been in quarantine the last week in preparation for going back to sea on Thursday so not a lot has happened, but there are a few small updates.

What is @5410Africa?

If you are here for the first time… I am the guy, Nick from Namibia, that will be travelling to all 54 African countries over a period of 10 years. I’ll be doing this using my Toyota Hilux bakkie (bakkie is our local lingo for a truck/pick up or Ute in Australia, pronounced buck-ee) to drive from one country to another, spending about 2-3 months in each.

Currently the plan is to depart end of June. From now until then I’ll be travelling locally and updating my social media with content from Namibia. I will remain with my current job until then. Fortunately I work offshore on a 5 week on/off rotation which allows a lot of time to travel. If borders are open and travel allowed by the beginning of 2021. I’ll be doing two 4 week trips to Botswana before going full time end of June 2021.

Current travel

As mentioned Ive been in quarintine for the last week so there is no travel update and unfortunately will be none for the coming weeks as I’ll be at sea working. However, I wil be updating the blog this week with last weeks trip to Etosha National Park.

I will also be planning my next trip over the next few weeks and announcing it on here so look out for that. For now I can tell you that I’ll be heading North-West to our border with Angola and travel East along the river. There will be so much to see and do and I’ll be sharing it with all of you.

The next planned trip for Sept, it will be on YouTube…

My Vehicle “Luxie”

For now I’ve settled on the name Luxie for the 5410africa Toyota Hilux. Its adopted from an Australian YouTube overland series and I will keep it until a better one is found, but a name it shall have. I was happy with Luxie’s performance during the Etosha trip, but the next one will be a truer test.

I’ve ordered a replacement bumper from South Africa and it will be fitted as soon as I am back from sea. The current conundrum is whether I should fit a canopy or not. It would provide a lot of additional cargo capacity, but I am loving the current look of the bakkie.

My bosbumper replacement bumper is on its way from South Africa

Equipment and Others

So from the last trip I’ve identified quite a bit of things that I need. For sleeping and camping I’m going to get a new tent, fold away table and chair for the next trip. Seems like Ive finally abandoned the idea of getting a rooftop tent. I’ll also be investing in a -4 sleeping bag. Tired of freezing my ass of when sleeping.

For video and camera equipment I’ll be getting another GoPro camera with a few accesories. The accesories allows one to get some unique and exciting camera angles. Just need to train myself on spotting and filming them. I’ll also try and invest in better microphones as I’ve really been struggling with quality sound. This is so important in producing better videos.

I’ll do a list of all the equipment I currently have and still need to get before the trip.

Social Media

Super big thank you to everyone that is following on the different social media platforms. I am on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook @5410Africa. This blog and I’ll be starting my YouTube channel in Sept/Oct when doing my next trip.

My Twitter has grown from 465 to 688 followers during the last week. I am super happy with that. My initial target was to have 1000 followers before I leave in June, but I’ll definitely be reassesing that (Ultimate goal: 250k).

Instagram followers are slowly increasing as my posts are increasing and I am becoming more familiar with the platform. I currently have 71 followers, but unfortunately I do not have access to IG out at sea. So I’ll be without the platform for the next five weeks starting on Thursday. We’ll have to see how that impacts me (Ultimate goal: 100k).

As I promised in last weeks update I will be launching my YouTube channel alongisde my next trip. This is very exciting and quite scary at the same time. I am not a natural public speaker/peformer, but Ill just have to suck it up, be strong and get it done. Please have patience as I go through the growing stage, but on the other side I guarantee an informative, high quality and extremely entertaining final product (Ultimate goal: 100k).

My WordPress blog is going well. I believe I am currently on 23 followers and getting about 50 views on days that I publish, which is twice a week. Importantly Im also seeing growth on the days that I dont post. To increase views I can obviously post more, but I need to remember that in future I need to be able to balance all of my social media platforms. I think I will be maxing out on three posts per week (Ultimate goal: 1k).

I am working on a longterm posting schedule which I’ll hopefully be able to maintain over a period of 10 years. I’ve already identified connectivity as a major social media challenge in Africa. Either I wont be able to remain connected at all times or it is going to cost me a lot of money to remain connected at all times. I’ll have to find a solution, sooner rather than later.

Oh yes and dont forget I’m on Facebook, but I have not launched officially. At this point Im not to sure how I’ll be using the platform, but I will be on there.

This is it for now. Please let me know what you think. Comments are always welcome. As I said not a lot happening over the next few weeks, but I’ll be doing a lot of planning and sharing it on here.

Enjoy your travels & be safe 🙂

Nick fr Namibia (5410africa@gmail.com)

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