@5410Africa Weekly Travel Update #1

Having a good time at Sossusvlei, Namibia

Current country: Namibia

After much contemplation, I’ve decided that henceforth until the end of my trip I’ll be writing a weekly update to be published every Monday, when possible, to keep everyone in the loop with regards to where I am and what I am doing. I believe this is a useful way for everyone to remain on the “same page”. I’ve been astounded by the interest and support since announcing my trip a month or two ago and hope to keep this momentum going.

What is @5410Africa?

So if this is your first visit to my site and you have no clue what @5410Africa is. It’s quite simple. I will be travelling to all 54 countries in Africa over a period of 10 years. Starting in Namibia, where I am from, I will use an overland vehicle to move from one country to the next spending about two to three months in each country. I am a converted backpacker so mostly it will be budget travel with a dash of luxury along the way.

Due to Covid-19 and current travel restrictions I am currently getting in some local travel as a means to prepare myself for the longer 10 year trip. This includes a few trips in Namibia and Botswana.

Current travel

Spent the weekend at Sossusvlei in the South of Namibia. Amazing!!! Well worth your time,money and effort. I did a blog post and hopefully a YouTube video to follow.

I am hoping to get to Etosha National Park in Northern Namibia before I head back to sea, where I work, later this week. This will be an excellent first trip for my new overland vehicle.

The Vehicle

My overland vehicle has been purchased, but not delivered. Due to a bit of of red tape and sluggishness in the system Ive been made to wait nearly two weeks. Please dont get your expectations up, it is an old vehicle, but a true legend, especially in Africa. It will require a lot of love, affection and work hours, but will be ready in 10 months to take on Africa. Im hoping to do a video reveal soon.

Equipment and Others

I am slowly getting lists ready of what modifications and additions I’ll need for my vehicle. I’ve also done some quotes for work, but until I receive the vehicle I cant go ahead with anything. We really need to get a name for “the vehicle”.

In addition, I’m slowly increasing my camera and video gear. The highlight will be the arrival of my new gimbal and drone. Ill do a more dedicated post on all my camera and video gear prior to departure. Also been working very hard to improve my editing skills on Adobe Lightroom & PremierPro.

Social Media

Twitter @5410africa, Instagram: @5410africa and this blog currently.

Twitter is going strong and I’m starting to see exponential growth. I really appreciate the support, especially from local African content creators who I am hoping to collab with as I reach their respective countries. I also sort of expected good growth on Twitter, I did previously have a 10k+ account so I understand the dark arts on this platform.

Instagram is where I’m facing an uphill climb. This is my first account and a steep learning curve. But i’ll get there, currently spending hours reading up and watching Youtube videos to get it up to scratch. That brings me to YouTube. I might or may not launch my channel this week. I shot quite a lot of video during my last trip to Sossusvlei, but also there were many lessons learned. I’ll decide. Also I don’t want to launch if I am not able to post weekly.

This blog has shown steady growth and with every new post I see increases in visitors. Ultimately, I believe the story that I am telling is truly unique and over time the readers will come. My last post was on the trip to Sossusvlei and for my next I am working on “the perfect 12 hour itinerary for Windhoek”.

This is it for the first installment of my travel update. Please let me know if there is any other information that you would like me to include or if you have any advise or tips for a trip like this.

Enjoy your travels and be safe!

Nick from Namibia


  1. I have always wanted to do something like this but I a still a kiddo and still need to save up for this. You’ve got yourself a new subscriber and all the best exploring this beautiful continent!😊


    • Hi Natalie, thanks for the subscribe 🙂 Yeah I cant wait to get going. Don’t worry your time will come, took me some years as well, just keep the dream alive.


      • No problem! How long did it take you if you don’t mind me asking. This crazy dream doesn’t let me sleep aha😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • haha, longer than 10 years. Well this includes going to Uni first and then getting a good job that allowed me to save up. But of course during that time I started with local and shorter trips in my area and built up from there.

        Liked by 1 person

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