10 FAQ’s the Spitzkoppe Namibia

The 10 most frequently asked questions about the Spitzkoppe in Namibia answered.

1. Where is the Spitzkoppe?

The Spitzkoppe is in eastern Namibia on the B2 road between Windhoek and Swakopmund. It is an easy 280km drive from Windhoek or 150km from Swakopmund.

2. Do I need a 4×4 to go there?

No, the majority of the road there is tarred/asphalt. Only the last 38km is gravel road, from the B2 turn off onwards, and is maintained in a very good condition.

3. Accommodation options?

There are three main accommodation options at the Spitzkoppe, these include:

4. How wild is the camping?

The camping at the Spitzkoppe Community Rest Camp is pretty wild. There is no water, electricity or shower at your site. You will have a place to braai (BBQ), a non-flushing toilet without toilet paper and a dust bin. The rest you will have to provide yourself.

There is obviously no WiFi, but some of the sites have cell signal. There are showers and basins at the main gate as well as a bar and restaurant.

5. What should I take?

Enough water, some way to cook your food and sufficient light for the evenings. As many ways possible to protect yourself against the sun: sunglasses, sunscreen, hats etc etc. Wet wipes and paper towels are useful and of course anything else you’d usually take on a camping trip i.e. tent, sleeping bags etc. oh yes and toilet paper, there is none in the toilet on your site.

6. Costs?

 It is difficult to say with Covid around. Camping at the Spitzkoppe Community Rest Camp is currently N$150 pppn. Which is decent. The Mountain camp is a bit pricier and the lodge the luxury/costly option. Consult the respective website or contact them directly for Covid specials.

7. Activities?

Quite a bit. The obvious ones are rock climbing and hiking. Then there are the rock pools (seasonal), sunsets, bushman paradise rock paintings, birding, star gazing and the rock arch for the most amazing photos. The best one in my opinion is the wild camping.

8. Can I climb the Spitzkoppe?

Yes, there are a number of climbs available at the Spitzkoppe ranging from beginner to experienced. See the Mountain Club of Namibia for more information, they have routes for the Grosse Spitzkoppe, Sugarloaf and Pontoks. A guided climb is provided at the Chains, enquire at reception.

9. Are day visitors welcome?

Yes, the current day rate is N$50 pp and an additional fee depending on the type of vehicle . Best would be to arrive early to enjoy sunrise. After that I’d recommend the Rock Arch, the Chains climb and the Bushmans Paradise rock paintings and hike to the Golden Snake.

10. Anything else?

Yes, the Spitzkoppe is one of the most accessible, affordable and easy to get to destinations in Namibia. It is beautiful and with so much to do your time there will fly bye. An easy stop between Windhoek and Swakopmund for a one or two night stay that should be on every visitor to Namibia’s itinerary.  

Enjoy your stay at the Spitzkoppe

❤️Nick fr Namibia

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